Apoapse is dedicated to advancing cybersecurity into general use across the business ecosystem

We believe that access to cybersecurity can be improved for all type of organizations

​our missions​


With Apoapse, we envision a world where cybersecurity is no longer a challenge for companies and organizations of all sizes, regardless of their ​level of vulnerability.


​​We believe that the sharing of knowledge and experience ​is key to driving innovation in ​companies and organizations of all types, while offering the best transparency in terms of security.


​Apoapse's various platform tools all ​provide effective control ​for the processing and exclusive ownership of company and employee data.

​our solutions

Apoapse Pro

Apoapse Pro is our self-hosted messaging platform ​that gives back control and exclusive ownership of ​company data, at the heart of ​the business.

Apoapse Protocol

​Apoapse Protocol is the technological core ​of everything we do at Apoapse. It helps developers build ​ambitious communication and data exchange systems with the highest level of reliability and security.

​Tools for Developers

​Apoapse Tools for Developers offers new possibilities ​for creating ever more innovative products by ​making available to all developers open-source and varied tools.

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