​​​Every business should be able to ​keep its communications secure

​Apoapse Pro: the messaging platform that gives you back control and exclusive ownership of your data, at the heart of your business

Why Apoapse Pro?


​Every organization has different needs for its communication platform.

Apoapse Pro aligns with your company's specifics, a room does not include only one infinite conversation, but rather a whole series of topics, allowing you to grant access and permission to each user or group.

Find the balance between work and discussion, increasing efficiency and minimizing distractions.


​54% of companies experienced one or more successful attacks that compromised data and/or IT infrastructure. ​Maybe you don't have any ​security at the moment?

To address this vulnerability, Apoapse Pro is the only ​communication platform that encrypts and secures your digital communications, at the heart of your business.

Even in critical situations, where your data would be stolen, the guaranteed encryption in Apoapse Pro makes illegible all your ​data.


​​Apoapse Pro is a self-hosted workplace messaging platform designed to give you control and exclusive ownership of your company data. ​It's also the freedom to fully build your own autonomous​ network, which remains always accessible, even in the event of an ​external fault.

​p​​reventing attacks doesn't have to be complicated or expensive


​​Always well-suited for the the day-to-day running of your business, Apoapse Pro is truly designed to be able to access any type of content at any time, as quickly as possible, and managing conversations effectively.

You have an advanced file manager, linked to other features such as tags and natural search, ​that allows you to easily collect and sort files, regardless of their origin.


​Maybe ​you have already considered ​running and managing your own private messaging server​, and have been discouraged by the many technical and financial barriers?

This is also why Apoapse Pro has been designed to be installed, and ​managed, as simply and quickly as possible.


​​Apoapse Pro is not about making false promises about improving your productivity by making you, like others, addicted to ​its apps, but instead helps you stay on target with your goals.

Slack & ​
​Rocket.chat & Mattermost
End-to-end encrypted messages and files
Coming soon
With PGP only
Optionally, for
private messages
Can be self-hosted​
​Supports large files (> 500mo)
Depending on the offer subscribed
Content ​available offline
Coming soon
Depending on the client used
"Instant messaging" type conversations
​Asynchronous messaging
​User Management and Permissions Interface
Alert system to prevent suspicious activity
​Designed to avoid wasting time and productivity of users
Edit sent messages
Coming soon
Only the last message sent
Management tools with ​immediate implementation of new settings on the fly (without needing to stop or reboot the server)
Tracking system ensuring that ​a sent message has been ​technically delivered to its recipient
​Smart and customizable notification system
Coming soon
​Continue sending messages while an attachment is being uploaded
 When using multiple separate interfaces
Effortlessly commun​icate with anyone with an e-mail address
Coming soon
Voice calls
Coming soon
 When using third-party plugins
Video calls
Coming soon
 When using third-party plugins

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